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Meditation by the Sea
On-line Mindfulness Course (on skype)
Stress-Reduction 8 week programme
Taught by accredited and certified teacher
1-on-1, 2 or several students - 1h to 2,5h weekly
Ranging from 250€ to 350€ per person
Pre-call to introduce and confirm application
Online mindfulness - 8 week MBSR course

For those who may not have access to the live mindfulness 8 week MBSR course, we are pleased to offer an online course (on skype or other). This course follows the standard MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), blending practical exercises, didactic teaching and introspective reflexions; lasting a total of 8 weeks duration is to be adapted according to participants' number - 8 times 1hour for one participant, 8 times 1,5hour for 2 participants and 8 times 2,5hours for multiple participants. It also includes exercises to practice daily on your own.

Numerous scientific studies have shown the benefits of this programme (MBSR) especially dealing with daily stress symptoms such as headaches, backaches, fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation.

For the last decades this programme is taught in the corporate world and more recently in schools in order to improve attention skills, concentration, relationship with others and also performance, self-confidence and creativity.

This course is based on the original acclaimed programme from Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as the programmes currently taught at the Medical Center of the Massachusetts University and the University Centre of Bangor for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP).

This online course is taught by Remy Segretain, Mindfulness instructor accredited and certified by the Mindful Academy International. A long time practitioner, Remy has taught numerous MBSR courses. He is also a certified Naturopat and is leading detox & mindfulness retreats.

Is this course right for me?
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No prerequisite required for this course. However there may be situations where mindfulness is not recommended or even inappropriate: acute depression, psychiatric troubles for instance. As a result you will be asked detailed health questions on the application form, if unsure please ensure that you speak first to your doctor and/or your therapist.

Course content
Working from Home

This course includes:​

  • 8 sessions of 1,5h, 2h or 2,5h – depending on number of attendants (1, 2 or more)

  • Mp3 format guided meditations to practice at home

  • A detailed manual of 135 pages

  • Email support between sessions


Session 1 - Exploring Mindfulness

Session 2 - Exploring our perceptions, relationship and creative responding to the challenges and stressor in our lives

Session 3 - The Power of being present: Living all your moments

Session 4 - Cultivating Curiosity and Openness to the whole of my experience

Session 5 - Building on our Foundation of Mindfulness, paying attention to our capacity to respond rather than react to challenges and stressors

Session 6 - Interpersonal Mindfulness and Building Resilience

Session 7 - Integrating Mindfulness, reflecting on lifestyle choices - How can I best take care of myself?

Session 8 - A Mindful Life, keeping up Momentum

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

"I highly recommend Libellule, unique experience with Remy"

"this course radically changed my way of being, thanks Rémy"

"I feel more serene, closer to my inner self"

Logistics and price

You just need an internet connexion and a quiet place. Following a conversation with Rémy Segretain we will agree on time and dates according to everyone’s availabilities (Monday to Friday 6:30am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm).

  • 1on1 course - 8 x 1h30: 350€

  • For 2 people - 8 x 2h: 500€

  • For one person within a group - 8 x 2h30: 250€/pers

Payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

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