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Mindfulness online MBSR course application - Terms and Conditions
1 - Venue
On the internet via Skype (or other software). 
2 - Application

After agreeing on dates and timing during the first call, you will be required to pay the mindfulness MBSR course in its totality, either by Paypal or bank transfer.

3 - Cancellation

You can withdraw your application 1 month before the start of the course, after which you will be offered a refund, less 25% of the administrative fee. If you cancel the course within one month of the start of the course, no refund will be offered.

​In the unlikely event the course has to be cancelled by us, we will reimburse the full cost of the course.

5 - Counter-indications​

Severe problems or vulnerabilities, suicidality, acute depression, active addiction to alcohol or drugs, severe social anxiety that would make attending a course very stressful, post-traumatic stress disorder; if you are facing high levels of stress due to extreme change in your life this is generally not the right time to learn to practice mindfulness. We recommend waiting until you have completed the difficult stage of adaptation.

In cases of psychosis, schizophrenia, etc. mindfulness is not likely to help, and can cause harm.

Mindfulness practice has its own challenges, it is therefore important you discuss any concern you may have with your mindfulness teacher, your doctor and/or your therapist before applying to this course. If in doubt we can discuss any concerns you may have during the introduction call without any obligation on your side.

6 - Personal details

Do you have any current medical conditions, physical illness or other limitation that may make hearing, sitting, standing, walking or doing simple exercises difficult for you? If so please give details:

Have you had any mental health issues or concerns within the last few years, such as anxiety or depression? Have you ever received psychiatric or psychological treatment before? ave you ever made a suicide attempt?

Very important - If you are currently receiving counseling, psychotherapy or any mental health treatment please tell your therapist that you are considering taking the course.

Has alcohol or drug use (including over-use of prescribed medication) ever caused problems for you?

Thanks for your application, we will be in touch with you soon...

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