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The official story

Born in 1975 in Paris Remy graduated from the french prestigious "Grandes Ecoles" and  then completed an Ms'c in the UK. Hired as a young professional into a leadership program within a leading multinational he traveled across the 4 corners of the globe through various jobs. He finally left his company and went to train and graduate as a Naturopathic practitioner and mindfulness meditation instructor in order to create the Libellule company, lead detox retreats and teach mindfulness.
An avid sailor and former rugby player Remy is married to a Hungarian fashion designer and has 3 kids.

Behind the scene

An eye opener

Behind dates, numbers, successes and achievements is always hiding a much more subtle reality. Mine is the one of someone well educated from what one could call a bourgeois  family where I have never really chosen deliberately my own journey but rather let life decide: social, family, friends, society imposed their ways.  In 2010 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease - colitis ulcerosis they call it. I had to change something drastically, and the change would have to come from within. I then embarked on what one could call a spiritual journey: yoga, meditation, healthier eating and then fasting. With hindsight I am  grateful to have had this illness which became no less than an eye opener. It helped to show me the essentials things in life, its sheer beauties, the joy to be here breathing, watching, sensing. We are all living miracles waiting to realize it and unleash our unlimited potentials. Having completely mastered my illness I now want to share as much as possible my experience with others.

Publised book "A corps et larmes"
Order at your local bookshop or on websites

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