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Winter Detox: We shall not cease from exploration!

Back from a winter detox retreat on Lake Balaton, it was the first I led so early in the season and realised that the lake has its own charm all year round. Equipped with extra layers to confront the chilled and changing weather, the group went for some gentle walks along the shores and on the frozen lake. Bathed by mist on the first day, the hike on the ragged ice only accompanied by seagulls, crows, ducks and a couple of swans clumsily sliding, made the experience quite unreal – an end of the world polar feeling where the soul left with only nuances of grey and white easily caresses the ineffable. The following day saw some glimpses of blue sky and warming sun rays, giving rise to beautiful panoramas. The group then spent every afternoon in the top notch thermal baths of Siofok, where we could pamper ourselves and just let it go. It also helped to go through the downs and elevate the ups that everyone is facing on such an experience. Overall a very resilient and trustful group and thanks to mindfulness sessions it could go deeper into their respective inner selves, creating space for moments filled with gratitude. Gratitude for team mates, for their own bodies, their beautiful minds, for a nutshell for life.

The last moments were spent breaking the fast on a near-casual picnic: at the top of the Tihany Peninsula, immersed in the Balaton atmosphere, we could waive a last good-bye by sharing and savouring what is too often taken for granted: food.

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