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Revitalizing Body and Mind

Fasting is probably one of the oldest approaches to detox. It consists of abstaining from any food for a few days to allow your body to regenerate, and thus strengthen your physical and psychic condition. Coupled with mindfulness classes and away from daily routine and the hustle and bustle of our lives, it becomes a real personal and human adventure.



Typical Retreat Day

After waking-up, a refreshing light detox juice or herbal tea will await you.  You will then be monitored on some key metrics - weight, blood pressure, pulse - and after some mindful movements and exercises the group will eventually depart for an excursion during which you will "adopt the pace of nature" and pamper yourself at some spas. On the way back you can enjoy a range of treatments: massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, naturopathic consultation or just take time for yourself reading, relaxing or trying some creative activities (painting, dancing). In the evening, it's time to meet around a bouillon followed by lectures on detox, nutrition and mindfulness. Everything is optional (and in case you think you can't take the challenge, yes there are plenty of hidden food reserves:)). Finally for those enjoying fine verses, some poetry reading shall elevate your experience to high spheres.

Coming Detox Retreats
Fasting & Mindfulness

February 1st - February 5th :The Bat Barn (Keleviz, near Balaton)​

Set in a delicately renovated Barn, in the middle of a lush park surrounded by ageless trees. It will also be the opportunity to visit the Héviz spa and the local thermal baths.

See the exact place and location here


  • 340Eur / pers shared room (2 single beds) - shared bathroom

  • 340Eur / pers for couples (queen size bed) - en suite

  • 370Eur / pers for shared room (2 single beds) - en suite

  • 480Eur / pers for single room (queen size bed) - en suite

Bat barn 1.jpg

April 19 - 23 : The Bat Barn (in french)​

See the french page for full details.​​​​​​

Bat barn 1.jpg

May 25 - 29 :​ La maison bienveillante, France (in french)

See the french page for full details.

Photo de Rémy (12).jpg

June 7 -  11 : Annaberg, Austria  (in french)​

See the french page for full details.​​​​​​


Prices include

  • 4 nights, daily mindfulness courses, naturopatic consultation, herbal teas, daily juice and bouillon, "break-fast" on the last day, guided walks

Don't include:

  • Massages and other care

  • Transportation

  • Entry to thermal bath, montain cabins, etc.

For any query please contact or +36 70 411 4109

Look for full account and comments of previous retreats on the blog

Looking back it was a very profound experience, challenging for body and mind, pushing a 'reset' button, breathing and surrender, calming and healing...thank you Rémy


With Libellule I was able to cherish my "me" (for once) and take back the control of my body. Big thank you for this amazing retreat


It was my first fasting experience and I couldn’t have ever imagined that I can manage dayS without eating. And yes, I can, we all can. It was a wonderful experience. The venue, the team… Remy did a wonderful job


Le séjour jeûne et méditation en compagnie de Rémi a été pour moi une découverte et un moment unique.


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